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Moogur 4 months ago
I didn?t say He did. I said He can.
Mikazil 4 months ago
There were people on the earth before the Greeks.
Kajilrajas 4 months ago
Hope I am lying? NO I am not lying.
Kihn 4 months ago
He. He is the Doctor.
Mugis 3 months ago
It's not a crossword puzzle.
Shaktill 3 months ago
Learning from you ????
Mezizuru 3 months ago
adding /s tag! ;)
Dirg 3 months ago
Then meet secular humanists. Like me.
Vokinos 2 months ago
Too OLD for cartoons.
Sagrel 2 months ago
Meaningless to me wonderful to you.
Muran 2 months ago
You can't hardwire the ineffable.
Dira 2 months ago
Always carry hand sanitizer.
Brajinn 2 months ago
He needs a personality change.
Tauzuru 1 month ago
Insults deleted, Indy. Knock it off.
Kagalrajas 1 month ago
Help me escape from here
Yomi 1 month ago
That's actually more pleasant than most dreams I have...
Yozshushicage 1 month ago
So Scientology is nothing like Catholicism.
Gardakasa 1 month ago
did it feel good though?
Moogukus 3 weeks ago
Not my claim, so not my responsibility
Akilar 3 weeks ago
I did. I'm sorry have I missed something?
Nizragore 2 weeks ago
Everyday in every way....
Daik 1 week ago
I thought I smelled semen.
Mooguk 6 days ago
You are so cute Luba
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