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Breakdown of imperforate anus repair

Breakdown of imperforate anus repair
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From: Tujind
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Added:9 months ago
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Do you really think it bothers me or any atheist that you do not share our opinions? The arrogance of you Bible thumpers is incredible. I think you've hit on the problem with your belief system. It places a tremendous value on human opinions. If you have the right one you get to spend eternity in the Christian magic happy land and the wrong opinion gets you unending torture in the Christian hell - unless the Muslims are right and then we get to spend eternity in hell with the Christians. You're opinions are worthless and none of them are going to save you.

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Zulkit 9 months ago
no, it is not murder.
Kataxe 9 months ago
Cheese Eating Surrendur Monkeys, to be more precise.
Kaziramar 9 months ago
Sticks and stones, Molls... :-)
Daigore 8 months ago
Uh oh... Bill is speaking the truth again.
Samulmaran 8 months ago
And its funded by taxpayers.
Karan 8 months ago
Putin opposes us to our faces.
Gozragore 8 months ago
Many young people in every state shouldn?t have them.
Nelmaran 8 months ago
What about them is not a credible rebuttal!
Fenrimi 8 months ago
Nothing compared to the party who started the KKK.
Voodoozahn 7 months ago
It didn't make me any friends, I'll admit.
Yoll 7 months ago
Now you're just buttering me up.
Nalkis 7 months ago
Haha.. Same. How are you
Mekora 7 months ago
He will never admit that
Shaktigore 7 months ago
lol lovely ....looks funky
Gosho 6 months ago
at birth notice the word potential
Kirisar 6 months ago
You got it Grasshopper. :-)
Zolomuro 6 months ago
How desperate of you to say ....
Nijind 6 months ago
Another dodge or just daft?
Samulabar 6 months ago
Again, you are confusing issues. Secularism is not atheism.
Breakdown of imperforate anus repair


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