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Gudal 2 months ago
What does science require to function, logic and reason.
Tugul 2 months ago
Does it not seem to be in contradiction with:
Molmaran 2 months ago
Even more ungodly than kissing!
Mazuk 2 months ago
theists don't even agree on what gods are.
Kenris 2 months ago
and does not exist without its material counterpart.
Nikotaxe 2 months ago
7 dogs, 3 cats, 1 goldfish, 1 bird
Dobei 1 month ago
Do not encourage her
Grotilar 1 month ago
What has been will be again,
Salrajas 1 month ago
When did you become an expert on sampling?
Dokazahn 1 month ago
Bach to square one. :)
JoJok 1 month ago
Yes run like a good participant.
Kigazshura 1 month ago
Trump can... and does.
Tojarisar 3 weeks ago
You were not good in economics class were you?
Vilabar 2 weeks ago
"You can surrender, sell or transfer inalienable rights"
Dujin 1 week ago
That has seven letters.
Zuluktilar 3 days ago
Complete ignorance. You're living in the past. Get current.
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