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Shaved smooth couples
Shaved smooth couples

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Akidal 9 months ago
I am a Christian, thanks.
Feshakar 9 months ago
The universe can be considered a lab.
Malkis 9 months ago
You still here??? lol
Zololkis 8 months ago
Oh cripey sake!! hahaha :)
Jular 8 months ago
Fist bump for that.
Gorn 8 months ago
name calling is not allowed here
Mazudal 7 months ago
Wow. If only Jesus had that publication! lol.
Kiganos 7 months ago
Enjoy your 3 day ban. Comment Deleted.
Yozshujas 7 months ago
Sorry I fell asleep lol..
Kejora 7 months ago
And yet the Christian can't seek profits.
Yolkis 7 months ago
I'm the one saying something about a language barrier.
Sanris 7 months ago
Yes. The Book of the Law.
Akinor 7 months ago
You aren't part of the population?
Arashijin 6 months ago
So..the laws are fine...the enforcement is lacking..
Fenritaxe 6 months ago
I don't say people are sheep. I say they
Moogukasa 6 months ago
They're pretty easy to find. Here's two.
Arataur 5 months ago
LOL, the dumbest meme ever created.
Malahn 5 months ago
Capitalism, if you were born poor.
Narg 5 months ago
Yup, along with millions of others.
Takinos 5 months ago
That would be the Russians doing the soliciting.
Met 5 months ago
Again, what? You need Jesus
Telar 5 months ago
I'm glad your here too.


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