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Akilkis 7 months ago
Why not try to answer questions?
Grok 7 months ago
Nobody plays a better homocidal psychopath than Pesci.
Malazil 7 months ago
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????dead. I spit water all over this phone
Dumuro 6 months ago
And writing names in the snow?
Akinogul 6 months ago
Tujind 6 months ago
They should be called floatymilknuts.
Zuluzil 6 months ago
They really are slow learners.
Malashakar 6 months ago
That 'conversion' is relatively new in the Trump Universe.
Tygorisar 6 months ago
bec*se I want it.
Melrajas 6 months ago
Where in Asia you Live Man?
Shakakasa 5 months ago
Lol! So you?ve read my comments. ??
Shagrel 5 months ago
Mammals. I knew it in 2nd Grade.
Kazibar 5 months ago
No date yet, but sometime in the fall.
Dashura 4 months ago
Just got done shopping at Walmart
Yoll 4 months ago
In this discussion, your bias is towards your religion.
Dolrajas 4 months ago
Great, can that be put to music?
Niktilar 4 months ago
it's so irritating disease ........Right???
Fenriran 4 months ago
Nope, the topic hardly seems interesting.
Brall 3 months ago
Lmao lady Thor no spaces between words
Nilar 3 months ago
more than 650 people were murdered last year
Dugal 3 months ago
Physically no, mentally yes
Vijinn 3 months ago
Your soul doesn?t die.
Gudal 3 months ago
Yeah and that's why, alliance between church and state.
Tami 3 months ago
Seriously Debi, You need get a new hobby! LOL!
Kazikree 3 months ago
And no proof for anything laid out, hence worthless.
Tojale 3 months ago
hahahahahahahahaha don't use my words for me
Faeshakar 2 months ago
Yeah it?s hilarious. Why do you detect anger?
Gardalar 2 months ago
"Ummm... this topic is about Alex jones. "
Goltinos 2 months ago
I'm not that diabolical.


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