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Picture of how to put a condom on

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From: Vujin
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Added:4 months ago
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Sure sunshine. I guess when Islamists go to mosques they are going there not to pray but to have circle jerks huh? And oh yeah, all that belief in Allah and their Prophet Momo the Pedophile, sure proves they are not a religion.

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Picture of how to put a condom on

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Arashitaur 4 months ago
Can you pay 1/2?
Samulkis 4 months ago
Answer her in the name of science
Kajizilkree 4 months ago
the BIG guys like Total are out
Akijin 3 months ago
So would you like to sell me your daughter?
Kejind 3 months ago
Which church do you mean?
Kajizragore 3 months ago
God commands killing kids?
Fezahn 2 months ago
the US is a joke, love.
Akinogami 2 months ago
I strongly believe in this
Zologul 2 months ago
Retired from politics now??????
Nikolkis 2 months ago
Words to describe that day continue to escape me.
Dougar 2 months ago
I have a feeling I know the answer:)
Faushura 1 month ago
What- some of the best slap stick humor around
Zular 1 month ago
He lied under oath.
Dijar 1 month ago
Where is the police force militarized?
Tugis 1 month ago
You are most welcome James :-)
Nilar 1 month ago
So Democrats made you become a hypocrite.
Moogushura 3 weeks ago
Well then stop talking to me.
Jutaxe 2 weeks ago
Simplest argument in favor of God?s existence: Science.
Mushura 2 weeks ago
I should become a Muslim? Maybe a Buddhist?
Kazrashakar 5 days ago
Show me? You are a pathetic f'n liar.
Kigagis 22 hours ago
Picture of how to put a condom on


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