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Dentist dr schaffer on sunset strip
Dentist dr schaffer on sunset strip
Dentist dr schaffer on sunset strip

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Arakree 3 months ago
I can always find another bitch in the sea.
Ararr 3 months ago
My body my choice
Nirisar 3 months ago
Yes, it's here for any who may be interested:
Musar 2 months ago
And trump is a role model?
Tuzuru 2 months ago
but did YOU make a leftist comment?
Kazrataur 2 months ago
Nope it's a choir to get them cut
Nikohn 2 months ago
Akizragore 2 months ago
We finally learned to 'fight fair'.
Milabar 2 months ago
Something's broken with this test.
Kigar 1 month ago
Why thank you kind Sir.
Mazugul 1 month ago
Where does the author say life is nasty
Zulkinris 1 month ago
Then you would luv your birthday gift!
Gukus 1 month ago
Blasphemy is a victimless crime.
Taumi 1 month ago
OMG! I counted wrong - need more coffee...
Sall 3 weeks ago
Christianity is definitely front and center.
Dentist dr schaffer on sunset strip


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