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As a Christian I want everyone to come to Christ, but I have wonderful Muslim friends and intend to keep them whether or not they ever become Christians. My intent is to woo not to vanquish whomever I discuss this with. However I disagree that it does not require faith to be an atheist. If you find a Rolex watch in the deepest reaches of the Sahara desert, your first assumption would be that someone else had been there before you and lost it, not that it spontaneously created itself. To me, Creation cries out that there is a Creator because at first glance it seems obvious. It would seem illogical to think it simply popped into existence by accident. And mathematically, it is so improbable as to make the argument for a Creator to require the less faith.

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Dikazahn 9 months ago
LOL, you finally answered.
Nem 9 months ago
difference people difference character
Dijin 9 months ago
The Libra one looks a little like Lady Gaga
Shakalrajas 8 months ago
You seem unable to formulate an intelligible answer.
Vudozuru 8 months ago
California juvenile crime report.
Vogis 8 months ago
Hadn't worked with you.
Daikus 8 months ago
Thanks for your unbiased assessment.
Voodoogar 8 months ago
i love confident women
Kajijar 7 months ago
this has been slow brewing.
Nikojora 7 months ago
It depends on how you look at it.
Guramar 7 months ago
Denial is not a river in Egypt.
Vidal 7 months ago
Definitely where I live.
Kazilrajas 7 months ago
Greatest country on the planet.
Zulkisho 7 months ago
Why not just link directly to the APA paper?
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