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Tarn 5 months ago
Oh - okay - here it is:
Malall 4 months ago
If striaght Baileys or an apple pie liquor
Vudoshicage 4 months ago
I just saw that myself
Aragrel 4 months ago
The Left is already rioting.
Sajin 4 months ago
Not at all. He referenced his Christian wife earlier.
Zulucage 3 months ago
Conservatives are saving the country.
Zulukazahn 3 months ago
Apparently jesus had little understanding of neuroscience.
Morg 3 months ago
I miss upvoting her
Tygoktilar 3 months ago
The Dr Evil version was better.
Shakasida 2 months ago
Ah yes good song.
Vojin 2 months ago
The rapy and murdery parts
Nidal 2 months ago
Don't companies get sued for that sort of thing???
Zolole 2 months ago
Push him back over or a bigger fall
Shasida 1 month ago
Did you just attempt to state WLC wins debates?
Kasho 1 month ago
that its just media hysteria
Mern 1 month ago
Thanks GL. I needed that ego boost
Kazrakus 1 month ago
What political side did Jesus take.
Mazurisar 1 month ago
Well that just changes everything....not.


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