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Christian gay and lesbian

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Doktilar 10 months ago
Democracy? When was the USA ever democratic?
Gomi 10 months ago
Ellabulldog said they are facts. .
Shaktik 10 months ago
Well join the club!
Voodoomuro 10 months ago
yes, you were wrong
Nilabar 10 months ago
You only asked for the differerence. I provided that.
Shakarg 9 months ago
#24 is pretty funny.
Akinogami 9 months ago
This is more disturbing by the day.
Jurn 9 months ago
liberal, Bigot and a heathen lMAO
Dusar 9 months ago
Hey...don?t sound so happy...it?s been a good run!????
Malataxe 8 months ago
I agree, silly thinking.
Christian gay and lesbian


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