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Added:9 months ago
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It is a pleasure to feel superior to others but that pleasure must be earned through intellectual valor.

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Extreme fat nude girls
Extreme fat nude girls

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Gardall 9 months ago
It's a gift for a gun nut loser.
Tojam 9 months ago
What no more clooney :-))
Sharisar 9 months ago
Here comes the piling on .
Gunris 8 months ago
How is that the key word?
Gugal 8 months ago
Then again you have Soros, Hefner, etc.
Grosho 8 months ago
It's also the tactic fake science uses.
Arashakar 8 months ago
Says the liberal who believes everything CNN spews.
Zugar 8 months ago
You're talking with another far right anti science weirdo.
Doshura 8 months ago
Lol.. that's cool job.. you like your work ?
Vozshura 8 months ago
Didn't think that was possible.
Yozahn 8 months ago
It?s not. Humans are.
Nikojin 8 months ago
Mind reading for me, please.
Gugami 7 months ago
And without immigration, what will happen?
Mashura 7 months ago
Nah that grandma would possibly be rich
Yozshulkis 7 months ago
Yes, that's me - thank you!
Faeshura 7 months ago
the ones from Israel maybe.
Dourr 7 months ago
Who told you this tripe was true?
Zulkikree 7 months ago
lol she likely bleaches her skin


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