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From: Bralkree
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Added:6 months ago
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Without language who is making the god claim? For that reason my first reaction is no.

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Bracage 6 months ago
Curt Schilling? The former Red Sox player?
Akicage 6 months ago
trying to look it up, but not getting anywhere
Kazragami 5 months ago
Your last sentence is ironic according to your premise.
Malasida 5 months ago
"Serve"? Newspeak for obstruct?
Mur 5 months ago
LOL! A rematch! LOL!
Jusar 5 months ago
Flapping angel wings expends a lot of energy.
Voodoogis 5 months ago
Whoa, 97% to 3%? Where did that come from?
Grojinn 4 months ago
Fine, but slight headache.
Kazijin 4 months ago
That seems more spin than anything
Ninos 4 months ago
That's a pretty good joke coming from her.
Kagul 4 months ago
OK let me start
Kazrazshura 3 months ago
Why doesn't it count?
Kigor 3 months ago
He's sweet! And ginger, lol. Like me ??
Malagor 3 months ago
it's always something with her.
Tezragore 3 months ago
William Lane Craig also argues that
Kerr 3 months ago
lols, can anyone be out of questions???
Shaktiran 3 months ago
Observable reality of her behavior.
Goltizahn 3 months ago
Just keep hoping, right? Lol.
Nezilkree 2 months ago
Nope, you are wrong.
Kazrale 2 months ago
See my previous answer.
Mijas 2 months ago
OK. Thanks for your opinion.
JoJom 2 months ago
Was Judas really so bad?
Musar 1 month ago
When did any of those people lead the CPC?
Fenrirr 1 month ago
Who says it wasn't both?
Malagal 1 month ago
It's a wrong assumption.
Tygodal 1 month ago
Ja, jag kanner mig ocksa stolt
Shaktinris 1 month ago
Care to actually support that?
Durg 1 month ago
Thanks for the correction. I missed the 'married' part.
Mazujas 3 weeks ago
"Trump Will Cause ?Financial? Harm to Clapper, Brennan..." Well
Kesida 2 weeks ago
I thought it was a bit odd, lol.


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