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Allisa milano nude pics

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Dalabar 9 months ago
I cant read yer imogis...am i in trouble???
Tygolar 8 months ago
Most of them are hiding guns in their sombreros!
Vosida 8 months ago
"Viewership does not translate to veracity or factual accuracy."
Grorisar 8 months ago
Cons are such morons. Truly.
Kazigore 8 months ago
Should we stop selling to China too?
Yotaur 8 months ago
F course I'm not sure of what?
Zugar 8 months ago
You attempted to quash it, but the analogy stands.
Mutilar 8 months ago
Nice sarcasm. It's an art
Moogur 8 months ago
Do you have any numbers to back that up?
Vudotilar 8 months ago
Fixed the headline: Obama, Pelosi are 'traitors'.
Mazukasa 7 months ago
you see, told you your questions will be answered.
Mogul 7 months ago
Yes, I am free.
Meztik 7 months ago
I'm not so sure it is.
Sabar 7 months ago
Since when are personal preferences and beliefs factual claims?
Mazuzragore 7 months ago
Bravo and VERY well stated.
Faegore 6 months ago
And mosquitoes the size of owls.
Gokus 6 months ago
I love the song United !
Tokree 6 months ago
Hair dryers can be just.air dryers. Huh? Huh?
Dim 6 months ago
Oh?  Does that mean you want to...wait for it...
Shakalkree 6 months ago
smoke .......not drink any time in my life
Kezshura 6 months ago
I am an atheist, I don't get your point.
Fenridal 5 months ago
hell nah, you have to teach me.
Moshura 5 months ago
That's called sorta ultra assimilating.
Dobar 5 months ago
What kind of bacon is your favorite?
Vuzahn 5 months ago
disqus will do the same...its run by nazi leftists..
Zukinos 4 months ago
Post the section of the paper that falsifies AGW.


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