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Zulugal 7 months ago
That's a very good question.
Brashakar 7 months ago
Awww! I'm kinda jelly...sigh.
Zololabar 7 months ago
I am a Christ follower.
Faujin 7 months ago
It's a mental illness.
Tut 6 months ago
Then he should just be blogging about himself.
Tazahn 6 months ago
Your secret team ????????????
Zulutaur 6 months ago
No dear I have no option but to survive.
Faekazahn 6 months ago
He is ashamed of her, I guess.
Gazil 6 months ago
Yet, no one has proven your god.
Dukora 5 months ago
Your memory is worse than your intellect.
Dulkis 5 months ago
I'm memorizing this quote #1.
Febei 5 months ago
I knew ud react to that ??????
Gokus 5 months ago
So they were, and he cast them off callously.
Meztikree 5 months ago
No attempting, quoting. Try it.
Nikosho 5 months ago
And then found this.
Dolkis 4 months ago
1500 !! That's it, good night !
Zulum 4 months ago
Pass on the word.
Doramar 4 months ago
Your argumentum ad lapidem is irrational.
Grojinn 4 months ago
I would not say none of its tenets.
Kajizahn 3 months ago
I agree tomstoop-you are addicted to moronity.
Vudokora 3 months ago
Her own bull Sh*t perhaps?
Sashakar 3 months ago
Man on the moon? Impossible. LOL
Arashirn 3 months ago
If they are in the
Samujind 3 months ago
Great movie and great characters.
Taushakar 3 months ago
I'm bored your posts are all EXACTLY the same!
Tojatilar 2 months ago
Yeah, but no nukes.
Voodoobar 2 months ago
So so many thoughts.
Junris 2 months ago
He is a Dallas Cowboy.


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