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Mezilrajas 8 months ago
Only if you are blind in your left eye...
Kazikasa 8 months ago
yeah, it was sarcasm
Karr 8 months ago
Let's Flip those seats!!!!
Sanos 7 months ago
Unless you're in the Catholic cult there's 66 books.
Arashit 7 months ago
Thanks for chiming in,
Brarisar 7 months ago
By law there are protected classes.
Fenrile 7 months ago
It would be charged as 2nd degree murder.
Moogujind 7 months ago
Because people lock their doors and arm themselves.
Mezira 6 months ago
Depends on the religion, probably.
Arashiktilar 6 months ago
Lol now I wanna see
Kikasa 6 months ago
Thanks...let's see what happens.
Akinokinos 6 months ago
I bet you do! ??
Doutaur 6 months ago
so, most women? :P
Tunris 6 months ago
And a single mother isnt a father.
Goltitaur 6 months ago
I think prayer cards would be very useful.
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