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On The Agenda
From: Kigagore
Category: Motel
Added:8 months ago
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I think his point was that a complaint that gets brought up gets taken seriously regardless of its merits because administration fears lawsuits.

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Mojin 8 months ago
Your answer is a brilliant one
Tojat 8 months ago
So what's wrong tonight?
Nezragore 7 months ago
Or that we came from monkeys.
Munris 7 months ago
Out of arrows to fire?
Kigami 7 months ago
It shouldn't, but for some reason it does.
Mausida 7 months ago
Same to you, Hillary Lover !!
Grozshura 7 months ago
Congress needs to work on immigration reform.
Dot 7 months ago
Oh, here's your trophy.
Kakree 7 months ago
Well of course you don't.
Nall 6 months ago
Thank you for your opinion.
Akishura 6 months ago
I'd take Nixon back in a red hot minute.
Fezilkree 6 months ago
Hang in there! Talk to us!
Kagashicage 6 months ago
Here's a link to a pro-NFP article:
Togami 5 months ago
....I suppose you have never read *your* own comments.
Marr 5 months ago
an article posted by troll defending a troll.
Fenrijas 5 months ago
Don't see your point in making your comment.
Mazutaur 5 months ago
lol - oh, yes and EEEWWWWW!!!!!
JoJonris 5 months ago
And you as well.
Fenritaxe 4 months ago
Batman is from DC comics.
Gorn 4 months ago
A few things have yeah.
Misar 4 months ago
Do you hv any doubt?:P
Keramar 4 months ago
Nope studying for skin doctor


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