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How To Keep My Penis Erect
How To Keep My Penis Erect
How To Keep My Penis Erect

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Bagami 6 months ago
You said spooky, huh?
Dale 6 months ago
Sparrow. I get your drift,
Mazugal 6 months ago
Chair? Something to eat? Tunes? Dance?
Bamuro 6 months ago
Does he bother to lift the seat?
Kajiran 6 months ago
Reasoned criticism of an ideology isn?t hateful nor ignorant.
Shaktilkree 5 months ago
I don?t drink alcohol. Coke and some lime please.
Kazragar 5 months ago
I'll cut-n-paste my reply to "Tcat":
Arashinos 5 months ago
Hey Medic, what's up
Shakashakar 5 months ago
Go live in France. Bonjour.
Mirisar 5 months ago
Its good to know your take on this subject.
Grojin 5 months ago
Never seen. You sure meant 'heard', didn't you?
Shaktirisar 4 months ago
Such a waste. You can't count to 2 correctly?
Yozshugul 4 months ago
One of the greatest stick handlers in the game.
Nazil 4 months ago
"You seem to lack the human qualities"
Vulmaran 4 months ago
So, being straight is innate and gay is not?
Doucage 4 months ago
It's weird that this is considered even remotely rational.
Nikolabar 3 months ago
Which rod is yours ???
Douzuru 3 months ago
Then dont eat at Taco Bell.
JoJotilar 3 months ago
It wasn't just the spirit that moved her.
Saramar 3 months ago
My wife always says I am on cloud 9
Julkis 2 months ago
Being transgender is completely losing touch with reality.
Akinor 2 months ago
Off on another tangent, eh?
Tojashakar 2 months ago
1700 residents. 90% white. Republican rural Georgia district.
Arazuru 2 months ago
At best teasing cons gives me a slight chubby.
Kazishakar 2 months ago
thanks for mansplaining what women think.
Mikaramar 2 months ago
I know the answers
Grotaur 2 months ago
Rights and respect go hand in hand.
Tekora 1 month ago
That's your attitude and belief buddy.
Dole 1 month ago
They'll get a surprise fork in their hand, lol!
Dairr 1 month ago
Apparently you care enough to comment. Why?s that?
How To Keep My Penis Erect


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