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From: Jutaxe
Category: Motel
Added:8 months ago
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Not like your simplistic nonsense, "Insurance doesn't work unless there's more Government interference". Funny, it's been working since 1913, the first time the Government "fixed" healthcare!

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Teens leggings lycra sport

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Arashigul 8 months ago
and story and characters.
Meztisida 8 months ago
Isn't the general stance of Christianity 'No fun aloud'?
Fekree 8 months ago
Yeah it is ??
Gokinos 8 months ago
He can give his phone to his communications staff.
Gardalrajas 7 months ago
Boy? OK. Now you're trolling. Blocked. Bye.
Gardasar 7 months ago
Combat troop, tell me
Nilmaran 7 months ago
You got some funny gifs
Yozshukus 7 months ago
seen him on youtube, quite amazing.
Faet 7 months ago
The Antiquity of Pan:
Vocage 7 months ago
I'll accept your claim of ignorance.
Zolozilkree 7 months ago
Do you have trouble with reading comprehension?
Akiramar 6 months ago
Qb s do it all the time.
Tashicage 6 months ago
Except no such evidence exists.
Faelmaran 6 months ago
Remind me of your point if you would.
Mezirr 6 months ago
Are you SURE about that?????
Mazular 6 months ago
Who is your God?
Shakajinn 6 months ago
Zero as a place holder for an unknown quantity.
Vudonris 5 months ago
Bet Job didn't think that.
Maujar 5 months ago
Well written OP, Chase. Nicely done!
Mekree 5 months ago
hahahaha good joke haha!
Nirr 5 months ago
You seem to know nothing about Zen Buddhism.


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