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Mishicage 10 months ago
Over the years I've found them increasingly amusing.
Misida 10 months ago
Yes yes I need a hint
Darg 10 months ago
Hope your Tuesday is going well.
Neshicage 9 months ago
Ahhh the political party of "peace"...(lololololol)
Nanris 9 months ago
Hm... I didn't think of that. Good point...
Zucage 9 months ago
Young Frankenstein...had to google Y ??????
Kajirn 9 months ago
Tell me, why are you fearful of trans people?
Kagagul 9 months ago
How long in prison for murderers?
Nikolrajas 9 months ago
yawn....sorry, I stopped paying attention to your drivel.
Vikinos 8 months ago
Ok I will, how many seasons are thete??
Gugis 8 months ago
American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative ?bullsh*t"
Dirr 8 months ago
Still homophobic I see.
Faukus 8 months ago
Surely this is satirical lol
JoJokinos 8 months ago
Exciting if you know where you are going though.


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