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Akinozil 4 months ago
I would move, you are obviously unwelcomed in Portland.
Kagazahn 3 months ago
Yes, Rockefeller Republicans ? 21st Century America needs MORE
Durisar 3 months ago
It would certainly be an interesting thought!
Faujar 3 months ago
Haha I'm done spending...these strip clubs cost too murch
Tygorisar 3 months ago
It?s not about the Bible. It?s about the evidence.
Vudohn 3 months ago
Correct on the recent awareness of DKS.
Voodoogul 2 months ago
Oh... the hypocrisy is thick on this issue...
Takree 2 months ago
They're Obsessed with crime and punishment?
Brazil 2 months ago
Yeah, I got that from your list.
Tetaur 2 months ago
Until there is proof that we're not, we are.
Dozuru 2 months ago
Doncha just love that guy?
Zolojin 2 months ago
Who bought the judge?
Tar 2 months ago
Pakistanis too! What a bunch?
Brajind 1 month ago
God may have a different plan !
Vira 1 month ago
Of course, why wouldn't he?
Nikolabar 1 month ago
That' ok, some people call me Jim as well
Sajora 1 month ago
And free easy access to birth control.
Bajora 1 month ago
I don't see anything that supports your claim.
Milar 3 weeks ago
Some findings of the Cognition, Religion and Theology Project:
Bret farve nu picts


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