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From: Faedal
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Added:8 months ago
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Actually ,we seem to be saying the same thing. The "appropreation" is silly as we are as you point out a hetrogenious society. that means no one or group has a patent on a certain dress or style it belongs to the whole.

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Kigara 7 months ago
?Maddow isn't droning on about inter-dimensional child molesters?
Gular 7 months ago
We simply reject the existence of an objective evil.
Kelkree 7 months ago
No its not. I claim they want
Mezikree 7 months ago
Jungle bunnies are a criminal culture.
Nejora 6 months ago
You tried discussing the origin of man.
Melkis 6 months ago
He's not going anywhere.
Tygomi 6 months ago
I have never been able to resist hyperbole!
Nanos 6 months ago
...not to mention bacteria.
Guzragore 6 months ago
I thought so. No worries.
Guran 5 months ago
Im not trolling im speaking the truth.
Arashihn 5 months ago
So what is your answer to my question?
Akinozragore 5 months ago
What does the N stand for?
Vimi 5 months ago
We are the universe and we know stuff.
Tokus 5 months ago
What do you think Im saying?
Nalar 5 months ago
Oh, a bias against the religious. Ok. Neat.
Sazahn 4 months ago
That's my diagnosis to make...what facts?
Doktilar 4 months ago
Snatch Of the Day?
Mom 4 months ago
I mostly read history texts or Sci fi
Taur 4 months ago
Oh yeah they do
Tegal 4 months ago
I am totally blaming you
Muzil 4 months ago
Two thumbs up. ????
Moogukazahn 4 months ago
I push back because of delusions like yours.
Vozragore 3 months ago
the Divine Comedy is kosher
Mara 3 months ago
Why aren't you proving This style 10/6 isn't real?
Kagazuru 3 months ago
That 'northern wall was a good one!
Sexy foam flip flops


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