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Mekora 9 months ago
We?d first have to know all that happened
Migal 9 months ago
What conservative of note has defended him?
Todal 9 months ago
You are rather right.
Kagal 9 months ago
Gotta have something to attack.
Zulkirr 9 months ago
Judges get particular about leaks in their cases.
Nikobei 9 months ago
Liger is Sexy cause I'm a Sexy Beast, Baby
Kitaxe 8 months ago
Which Chamber of Commerce do you volunteer for?
Akinomi 8 months ago
I only speak the truth.
Nelrajas 8 months ago
- I'm Not Israel.
Gardashicage 8 months ago
They're different arguments though.
Meztizuru 8 months ago
Heck,they scream of it!
Dailkree 8 months ago
Foreigners don't get welfare. Corporations do.
Mauk 7 months ago
Don?t any of you fool yourselves. Capital Punishment works!
Kazuru 7 months ago
Kewwwllll they just paid for a year of college...
Mikashura 7 months ago
Naps.... another perk of being retired.
Moogujinn 7 months ago
I love the jokes in them!
Kakasa 7 months ago
That?s rare in NYC Ditto but I?ll try!!


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