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Amateur couples swapping partners

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From: Nikodal
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Added:6 months ago
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We never needed him. The fat ugly MF'er. need a stinking horrible b****** like that, don't think so.

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Amateur couples swapping partners
Amateur couples swapping partners

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Mautaur 6 months ago
They probably dream about killing.
Met 6 months ago
Is that the real hot stuff?
Douran 6 months ago
Its a big honking erogenous zone
Kim 6 months ago
Wait, what??? How do you do that???
Sajar 5 months ago
She's probably the opposite and regrets getting that tattoo.
Fezil 5 months ago
Friday Chicago protest, peaceful. Demanding the Mayor resign.
Kagajas 5 months ago
You are spot on with you assessment, Jeff.
Dasho 5 months ago
A tow rope behind the ship.
Fenririsar 5 months ago
Love that analogy ??
Vorr 5 months ago
Sessions is part of the problem. He's a vagina.
Keran 4 months ago
Your personality type is:
Zuramar 4 months ago
Quick, Red Tory..do SOMETHING!....
Samurisar 4 months ago
Typical Red Pig...I was referring to the photo.
Mushakar 4 months ago
Who supplies the ovum and who supplies the sperm?
Yora 3 months ago
Thanks for the post
Dalrajas 3 months ago
And then he?ll say ?Raaaooaoaaaaggrhhhhh!?
Mizil 3 months ago
Just lock up and go home. Problem solved.
Vusar 3 months ago
I did not claim Wikipedia as a scientific source.
Vudokinos 2 months ago
Ha ha.right.just keep on believing that.
Fezil 2 months ago
They've been trolling shel's channel, too; so there's that.
Amateur couples swapping partners


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