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The goal of all muslems is to establish a Worldwide caliphate, either by force or by means of birthrates. Just look to Europe and the influx of muslems now. The World embraces islam at its own peril.

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Akinokus 6 months ago
Where's that spam e-mail I'm expecting?
Meztizshura 6 months ago
I have my moments~!
Meztirr 6 months ago
Dancing... dancy. Sorry XD
Tot 5 months ago
Except China isn't an
Tat 5 months ago
No that is just you being childish
Tygorisar 5 months ago
I'd rather he be recalled.
Zulurg 5 months ago
Captain wasn't made a Captain, by mistake.
Moshakar 5 months ago
Hola! Gracias por ensenarme. Apreciado!!
Meziktilar 4 months ago
Apologise for being stupid, for starters.
Gojin 4 months ago
Bebe rexha- the way I are
Zolosar 4 months ago
You can grab me anytime
Arall 4 months ago
I heard upon his dry dung-heap
Zulugrel 3 months ago
Who is discussing Christianity?
Nerr 3 months ago
Its not totally mental, its also biological.
Kazigul 3 months ago
Keep up the delusion
Galkis 2 months ago
Yeah No.1 is the question they cannot answer.
Kigakinos 2 months ago
I was hoping you?d catch it ????????????
Nanos 2 months ago
I will epidipnis. That's always good advice.
Vikora 2 months ago
Yes evidently you think you do..
Yogrel 2 months ago
Hope you also have a great day .
Tojajas 1 month ago
That is why we read what you write.
Fenritaxe 1 month ago
It's high time for the Boomers to go away.
Faelkis 1 month ago
Cats have tails. Obvious. No need for proof.
Malataxe 4 weeks ago
Boom! But I'm sure HH will disagree with you.
Mazusida 3 weeks ago
Yeah right.The little tart.
Dotaur 2 weeks ago
Then you haven't read far enough.
Nar 2 weeks ago
Well her first mistake was to be a "woman"
Faull 1 week ago
Think you might be going to jail?


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