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On The Agenda
From: Akinojora
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Added:8 months ago
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My field is New Testament, & understanding the bible for what it actually

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Shaktishakar 8 months ago
If it's innate, it cannot also be fluid.
Shaktikinos 8 months ago
Yeah for you & me
Kazishura 8 months ago
You look very beautiful
Murg 8 months ago
A very concise and complete post. Well done!
Dirn 8 months ago
he had a wrist ban
Nikokora 7 months ago
haha do you watch it??
Mokus 7 months ago
"and muster some integrity and honesty "
Akigul 7 months ago
I?ve heard her referenced as ?ImaHosa? as well.
Kim 7 months ago
Is she more to your liking?
Gukazahn 7 months ago
what? I wasn't paid to say that.
Togal 7 months ago
U.S. Constitution: Article II, section 1
Fer 6 months ago
We know we can?t experience anything after brain death.
Douk 6 months ago
I get maybe 50-100, but a lot of spam.
Akinozilkree 6 months ago
How do you coerce someone into being an atheist?
Vikinos 6 months ago
I got it on all my devices
Mokree 6 months ago
Absolutely! Good analogy, too.
Akile 6 months ago
And women and minorities.
Kagamuro 6 months ago
Journalism, the truth, is the ?friend? of our Republic.
Tojall 6 months ago
Your creator can blow me
Meziran 5 months ago
Copy and pasted, my dear.
Arashihn 5 months ago
Who is Auckland Peace Action.
Sham 5 months ago
There must be some mistake, Shaywood-don't-you-judge-me!
Goltira 5 months ago
Atlanta schools filled with Obama trash
Zulur 4 months ago
No, it really isn't.
Fejas 4 months ago
Hey LLP How are you???
Bacage 4 months ago
Until I'm carrying your baby? LoL
Tum 4 months ago
OK, I believe you.
Mikale 4 months ago
Lawrence M. Krauss Universe from NOTHING!
Nihn 4 months ago
So God has to do without?
Kadal 4 months ago
Yes run like a good participant.
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