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Goltishakar 9 months ago
perfect equivalent; Legal but immoral and corrupt
Nikonos 9 months ago
Agree a tear jerker
Grolkree 9 months ago
Prior to Obama, records could be requested.
Nikojas 9 months ago
why was this guy welcome
Nilar 9 months ago
Where did all the ladies go?
Kagashura 8 months ago
Not where it should.
Malalrajas 8 months ago
You post nothing relevant anyway, good riddance
Arashijas 8 months ago
You are the one crying, dupe ....
Mazumuro 8 months ago
Is he also from India?
Zoloramar 8 months ago
It is for generational inbred Repugnants like yourself.
Keshura 7 months ago
First, it isn't OUR heritage, it is certain states.
Malahn 7 months ago
Stop fishing mate. Put something on the table first.
Dunris 7 months ago
thanks MDB. will check it out.
Mezizil 7 months ago
Interesting concepts and attempts at hashing it out.
Kaktilar 7 months ago
I got Jason! :D
Zugrel 7 months ago
More BS bible nonsense.
Sadal 7 months ago
He is into Family.


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