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Breast cancer and how is impact community

Breast cancer and how is impact community
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From: Sagami
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Added:4 months ago
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Funny you should bring up the Easter Bunny in a conversation about the existence of God. There is an equal amount of evidence for the existence of both the Easter Bunny and God = zero. Belief in God as a real being is just as absurd as belief in the Easter Bunny as a real bunny..

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Breast cancer and how is impact community
Breast cancer and how is impact community

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Necage 4 months ago
Wtf......?....lol. How do you get
Fenrirr 4 months ago
Care to identify this grammatical error?
Zukus 4 months ago
He's 'The most uneducated man in the world'.
Voodoogar 4 months ago
Yas. I believe that's the entire point.
Dutaur 4 months ago
Why do you care how I know?
Toktilar 3 months ago
It has its time and place.
Tejinn 3 months ago
Let me help with that??
Goltigis 3 months ago
Oh boy, is he angry!!!
Akinolrajas 3 months ago
errrrrr how is that?
Vuzilkree 3 months ago
The left are batshit crazy
Zushakar 2 months ago
Those monuments were put in place by democrats.
Jura 2 months ago
Do you think butterflies did? How about bees?
Kilkis 2 months ago
depends. are we talking solar panels?
JoJotilar 2 months ago
That sounds like classic us vs. them to me.
Tygokus 2 months ago
I stand corrected. Your only repeated statements are:
Masida 2 months ago
Screw cryogenics. We want something that replaces telomeres.
Disho 2 months ago
Depends...how big it is...:D
Branris 1 month ago
Prn through a Hospital, RN
Kataur 1 month ago
Uh, these are citizens who aren't complying.
Bazil 1 month ago
Differentiated sex cells that form in utero.
Muzilkree 1 month ago
Your assumptions about me are utterly incorrect.
Vuzil 1 month ago
haha do you watch it??
Vukus 3 weeks ago
Shut up Truther! (satire)
Moogugore 2 weeks ago
He doesn't respond well to questions.
Arashinos 2 weeks ago
I know From your name
Breast cancer and how is impact community


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