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Mot 3 months ago
Thanks for more simplistic nonsense. /s
Felar 2 months ago
what are you asking me?
Daisida 2 months ago
Lies? Truth always hurts and invites attack.
Bajas 2 months ago
No you are not, that I promise.
Tut 2 months ago
Most are unattractive anyway better that way ...lol
Arashikasa 1 month ago
Yup just wrong location.
Malaktilar 1 month ago
Mother Nature is God's wife or consort. So.wtf?
Gardarn 1 month ago
one of the greats. A class act.
Vudomi 1 month ago
The tax cuts are renewable.
Kazimuro 1 month ago
Nice meeting you too- I hope?
Zujora 1 month ago
Drive them all into the sea.
Marg 4 weeks ago
There's a ?? if I ever saw one! ??
Dokora 3 weeks ago
Argumentum ad ridiculum, that's all you got?
Yozahn 2 weeks ago
That's because he probably employs them.
Maur 1 week ago
This is your favorite gif isn't it
Narisar 1 week ago
The goldilocks zone is fairly big
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