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Lost my virginity in a confessional

Lost my virginity in a confessional
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From: JoJomuro
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Added:10 months ago
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Criminal Gang Thugs having illegal guns while keeping the population disarmed. Way to go Democrats.

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Lost my virginity in a confessional
Lost my virginity in a confessional
Lost my virginity in a confessional

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Kajisar 10 months ago
Well I stand corrected, nice job Jae Girl
Yobar 10 months ago
BTW, hows ya hand?
Zoloran 10 months ago
Don?t like facts, Vlad?
Zoloramar 9 months ago
Was expecting or may be her mother
Kagahn 9 months ago
This is straight out of Alex Jones
Goltirr 9 months ago
Yea, we've been getting that since the beginning.
JoJojas 9 months ago
Unless it harms others.
Guran 9 months ago
I think you are exaggerating
Voodookora 9 months ago
I like that version too
Faunris 8 months ago
Have you looked up
Meztigal 8 months ago
Why would treating kids of this be child abuse?
Mikagal 8 months ago
Did we really land on the moon?
JoJojind 8 months ago
If living doesn?t change your mind, death will.
Voodooshura 8 months ago
The next step in Obergruppenfuhrer Miller's Final Solution.
Fenrill 7 months ago
Oh, my SO sings this one!
Fenrilrajas 7 months ago
Prof Henry Jarrod The House of Wax (Vincent Price)
Minos 7 months ago
0.8% and 1600 votes. Damn close.
Mazugul 7 months ago
Beat my meat like it owes me money
Nezragore 7 months ago
That is patently UNTRUE.
Kigabar 6 months ago
Well... Lemon wasn't Lying.... Trump is a Racist....
Vudogore 6 months ago
Yes it is dogma....
Zulukazahn 6 months ago
It?s not too hot but just enough
Faetilar 6 months ago
Say what you want about Chavez
Dogrel 5 months ago
the genders did evolve for procreating.
Voodoonris 5 months ago
Of what? The contents of your post?
Moogugar 5 months ago
Sigh. Which video did you see on television?
Dall 5 months ago
The world IS Round folks.
Lost my virginity in a confessional


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