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Mikazil 4 months ago
I've fixed that statement for you...
Kazrataxe 4 months ago
When the current administration came
Samura 4 months ago
When did Christians ever follow the teachings of Jesus?
Mazurisar 4 months ago
I'm not getting your context.
Kagalar 4 months ago
It?s hella cool eh??????
Fenrizilkree 4 months ago
Pass word please ??????
Gardagis 3 months ago
I don't know if I have seen that
Mirisar 3 months ago
185 degrees kelvin isn't exactly hot.
Shajas 3 months ago
Yes you do, c'mon... admit it. ;-0
Dikree 3 months ago
Hell naw bro...we got divorced 7 years ago ??????
Mura 3 months ago
the baddest man on the planet HAHAHAHA
Faucage 2 months ago
I didn't say that. read again if you please.
Shaktishakar 2 months ago
My book say differently.
Taukazahn 2 months ago
I think the greenies made the difference there.
Doshakar 1 month ago
It is a mid term election year though.
Dagis 1 month ago
So, what you are saying is ACTUALLY this:
Mogor 1 month ago
Means we'll still get the blame. :)
Shashakar 1 month ago
Sounds like a hobby.
Faelrajas 2 weeks ago
So, they were solicited.
Dourr 1 week ago
They probably figured we deserve him.
Tygojin 1 week ago
Care to enumerate them?
Mazugal 1 week ago
Talk about a conspiracy theory.
Faesida 6 days ago
Or that atheists are the same as Communists?
Sleeping guy getting sucked


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