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Zoloshakar 8 months ago
Yet CNN tries. They try hard.
Gogal 8 months ago
Try to push yourself a bit?
Nezahn 8 months ago
From Africa tho, correct?
Guzil 8 months ago
grabs a handful and sits beside.]
Shasida 8 months ago
Too late to claim squatters rights.
Tygokasa 8 months ago
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Zulkill 8 months ago
Hello guise. Would you mind if i join? ??
Bakus 7 months ago
Your initial request of me was:
Dugal 7 months ago
God dang...love really is blind ??????
Kazigul 7 months ago
Voter ID prevents just one form of fraud.
Vibei 7 months ago
Mean spirited billboards? Have any examples?
Dugul 6 months ago
No abiogenetic model predicts man came from dirt.
Narisar 6 months ago
"mankind created all word"
Tauk 6 months ago
Don't you have Mosque to attend?
Takazahn 6 months ago
I was waiting for you????????
Dinos 5 months ago
Not the world, just parts of Africa.
Grodal 5 months ago
You forgot the /s.
Zulugal 5 months ago
when gentiles decided to become Christian.
Dougal 5 months ago
Gas I?d damn near $3!
Voodoojora 5 months ago
Definition of the word Resilient :
Zushura 4 months ago
A worker owned cooperative? Now you're speaking my language.
Grogrel 4 months ago
Why Do Some Theists Accuse Atheists of Being Immoral?
Maukinos 4 months ago
I am quite svelte, actually.
Fenrijas 4 months ago
?????? you?re so silly! ?????? I love it ????????????
Mooguktilar 3 months ago
Demons, when God simply isn't enough.
Vokree 3 months ago
This is about enforcement of rules.
Mautaur 3 months ago
I prove a link every time you ask.
Vudogal 3 months ago
I don't don't that contraception in itself prevents STD's.


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