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Victorian erotica pictures

Victorian erotica pictures
On The Agenda
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Conservatives want people to follow the law. They want consistency... if we all vote on something together, then we stick to it because that's what we wanted as a majority. You don't change the rules later by looking the other way or bending the rules because someone got their feelings hurt. If you want change then you vote on an amendment and see if it passes. That's what conservatives believe in.... there is no "I'm going to throw a tantrum and march down this street to block traffic until I get what I want."

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Victorian erotica pictures
Victorian erotica pictures
Victorian erotica pictures
Victorian erotica pictures

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Sagis 8 months ago
So what if it's written?
Brakora 8 months ago
You would be popular among my friends.
Shalkree 7 months ago
Don't need to be.
Dilkis 7 months ago
Calling someone crazy? Now thats just plain wrong dude.
Mall 7 months ago
It's fun to make stuff up, isn't it?
Malarr 7 months ago
Yeah, I am crushing on her!
Zulull 7 months ago
Jews learned Hebrew 2000 years ago, they spoke Aramaic.
Zulushura 6 months ago
If he actually existed that is.
Shaktishakar 6 months ago
If those were the "big 3" then yes.
Faukus 6 months ago
And not with the constitution?
Salar 6 months ago
I'm a racist and an isolationist
Tajora 6 months ago
Welfare is for the unfortunate, not the lazy.
Tojakora 6 months ago
Virgin birth is a lie.
Yozshujin 5 months ago
U R most welcome - Grey Area -
Zolobar 5 months ago
The answer is yes haha
Kim 5 months ago
Read my response above. ;-)
Goramar 5 months ago
All good bro... we?re still good friends ??????
Zolojar 5 months ago
We get raw materials like timber and diamonds.
Akisho 4 months ago
Thanks young lad! You aint so bad yourself.
Doum 4 months ago
Please do, I may learn something from it, thanks.
Kazisho 4 months ago
Why? It still doesn't address atheists.
Vihn 4 months ago
oh oh why? sorry if you angry......
Moogukinos 3 months ago
So have non-religious 501(c)'s (non-profit organizations like Planned Parenthood.
Zuluk 3 months ago
So really involuntary boner slaughter... gotcha ??????
Meziktilar 3 months ago
let me squeeze some tears out
Kazilmaran 3 months ago
Eat cupcakes and diet.
Tukinos 2 months ago
he is no cow boy he is goalkeeper.....xD


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