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Virginity and pain

Virginity and pain
On The Agenda
From: Tenris
Category: Tribbing
Added:10 months ago
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Thanks for that mindless childish rant. You?ve proven my point. That unhinged display shows us all. ??????

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Virginity and pain
Virginity and pain
Virginity and pain

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Tauzshura 10 months ago
Are you equating abortion with slavery? Why?
Sashura 10 months ago
They have you busy with work?
Zuluhn 9 months ago
Different people at different times. Care to explain how
Faudal 9 months ago
Lol,I remember that,poor baby......
Zulkigul 9 months ago
Great Op - Aubry Prince Carlisle
Dalabar 9 months ago
Zappa as usual, is totally on point.
Brajind 8 months ago
Its obvious why they do. It's not rocket science.
Faedal 8 months ago
So why are you commenting?
Vokazahn 8 months ago
So they can be turned away?
Meztigor 8 months ago
You know that's not what you claimed earlier.
Miktilar 8 months ago
RIP Swayze. He was a great actor.
Zulkinos 7 months ago
Does the bill talk about miscarriages?
Mezigore 7 months ago
I?m a man, Bay-Bay! That?s her magic words
Felrajas 7 months ago
Countries are founded by religions?
Tygok 7 months ago
Did he actually grab somebody crotch? Nope.
Tozragore 6 months ago
Turn the other cheek.
Daigami 6 months ago
I don't remember Jesus making any burnt offerings.
Akinogis 6 months ago
Your grammar is correct.
Fegis 6 months ago
Hateful bigotry against what? Against whom?
Moogutaur 6 months ago
trumps loves the uneducated. imagine that alarming an educator.
Shakagrel 6 months ago
Wilful ignorance is never overcome with facts....
Tekora 5 months ago
There is No True Scottsman, after all.....
Kejas 5 months ago
Thanks Lantern and thanks for this nice Gif
Mucage 5 months ago
I didn't realize they had actual values.
Tojajora 5 months ago
Another one of my favorites
Kagazragore 5 months ago
Only my entire life.
Gardarr 4 months ago
Well, yeah..why not have it all..lol. We have cornfields.
Virginity and pain


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