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But major surgery is a textbook illustration of what goes wrong with socialism. American medicine has been going more and more socialist over the last century. Granted, it's been done in a very halfassed way, but still, it illustrates one of Murphy's unchangeable laws: Costs expand to meet the dollars allocated for them. Medical costs are completely out of touch with economic reality these days. It's not the lack of insurance that is the problem, but the completely outrageous costs.

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Felicia taylor pictures nude
Felicia taylor pictures nude
Felicia taylor pictures nude

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Gardarisar 10 months ago
Darth Gator Ginsburg...... She kinda looks like Vader unmasked.
Arasar 10 months ago
Don?t worry. We have hurricanes and floods.
Vitilar 10 months ago
YAY!!! LOLOL!!! (waiting for the video to load...)
Tekasa 10 months ago
God gives life while Man's choices take life.
Vudoshakar 9 months ago
You may not be sexually confused.....
Kazizuru 9 months ago
The good old days when people laid eggs. lol.
Fegis 9 months ago
What do you mean by 'he'?
Zulule 9 months ago
Shh that was a secret..You told everyone
Zolohn 9 months ago
So God is a female, and a liberal?
Kajisida 8 months ago
So how do you feel about scars ??
Malahn 8 months ago
Thanks. I think :)
Juzil 8 months ago
-"You never take confession. Why?"
Muzil 8 months ago
Go ahead. Tell me what I didn't see.
Shakree 8 months ago
Nah, I'll give her enough rope to hang herself.
Tygomi 8 months ago
How are we actually harmed by it?
Kami 7 months ago
Another simpleton, I see.
Kazshura 7 months ago
No. No fruit. Yuck.
Mikadal 7 months ago
Maybe he only uses Paypal.
Nigore 7 months ago
Message deleted (well deleted as much as I could)
Vigore 6 months ago
What did you read into as revenge?


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