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Farrah fawcett sex hair
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No, I have studied your bible throughly when I attended Bangor Theological Seminary to become a minister. And I have studied your religion for about 40 years now. And I and many others find your bible full of lies, full of contradictions and full of historical innacuracies and outright historical lies.

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Farrah fawcett sex hair

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Kazilkree 5 months ago
Burn down the restaurant and picket the owners house.
Yozshushicage 5 months ago
Good grief. You sound like me. Haha
Kazrakora 5 months ago
Jesus is both Creator and creature, God and man.
Shakajar 5 months ago
Pretty straightforward, the way you put it.
Yolrajas 4 months ago
"love it or leave it" again
Zoloshakar 4 months ago
You are everyone crush
Felar 4 months ago
Capitalists know only one color, green.
Samuzilkree 4 months ago
Whomever can get me back to civilization immediately.
Tojat 4 months ago
"The Father never should have pushed him."
Mibei 4 months ago
I?m telling you, their work is utter bunk.
Terg 3 months ago
That's almost a relief... Pleased to meet you.
Garr 3 months ago
We can only hope.
Taurr 3 months ago
It's strange how that works.
Mikinos 3 months ago
Have you tried pushing a car home while hammered?
Nemuro 3 months ago
Why am I not surprised you didn't actually answer?
Dilkis 3 months ago
Murderers violate law, not morality.
Mauzuru 3 months ago
I am young lady
Mektilar 2 months ago
Oooo... one of those dolls??
Taukazahn 2 months ago
I can very easily answer, and slam-dunk, that one.
Gokus 2 months ago
If it is consensual, it is Godly.
Kazratilar 2 months ago
Tell that to those who write medical textbooks.
Mugul 2 months ago
No empirical evidence of this.
Fezilkree 1 month ago
Wonderful wording for Truth...Thank You!
Arashisar 1 month ago
Lol! Hummm... ?? guess you?re right! Nevermind! ??????
Vigor 1 month ago
Thinking of ya's mate, hope you see some soon


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